The Blueriiot Pool & Spa Assistant app is designed to be your go-to digital assistant for pool and spa maintenance, offering a comprehensive suite of tools divided into four main sections:

  • Dashboard: This is your pool and spa command center. It provides an overview of your analyzer's status and the overall condition of your pool or spa, ensuring you're always informed about water quality and system health.

  • Table of Values: Get detailed insights with precise measurements from your analyzer. This section covers the current water conditions, and trends, and compares them against ideal values to help you understand your pool's or spa's water balance at a glance.

  • Maintenance Guide: Receive expert advice tailored to your pool or spa. This guide suggests maintenance operations to keep your water crystal clear and healthy, based on the latest readings and trends identified by your analyzer.

  • Settings: Customize your experience and manage your pool or spa settings effortlessly. This section allows you to adjust settings for your Blueriiot devices, access comprehensive help resources, and contact technical support for personalized assistance.

Create Your Swimming Pool Profile:

    • Enter your swimming pool’s characteristics to create its profile.
    • You can view or modify your swimming pool’s characteristics at any time under “Settings” » “My Pool”.


*Please note that the Blueriiot Pool & Spa Assistant app is continuously evolving, with regular updates and enhancements to improve your pool and spa management experience.


Remember to contact your dealer if your device still is under warranty