If you're experiencing unstable pH levels in your pool, the issue often lies with the pool's Total Alkalinity (TA). Here’s what you can do:
  • Low TA Can Cause pH Instability: A low TA level can lead to fluctuating pH values. Use a test strip to check the TA of your pool. If it's indeed low, you'll need to correct it by increasing the TA to stabilize the pH levels.
  • High TA May Keep pH Levels High: If, after adding a pH reducer (pH-), the pH level remains high, this could indicate that your pool's TA is too high. Again, use a test strip to verify the TA level. To lower the TA, follow the recommended procedure, which often involves adding muriatic acid or sodium bisulfate, depending on your pool's specific requirements.
Adjusting the TA is crucial for stabilizing the pH levels, ensuring your pool water remains safe and comfortable for swimmers.



If you still have doubts about this topic, please contact our support team or your pool specialist.