Understanding Connectivity:

  • Bluetooth: Allows for instant measurements within 10 meters of the analyzer. Ensure Bluetooth is activated on your device.
  • Sigfox Network: Provides automatic measurements several times a day, regardless of your location. Instant measurements are not available through Sigfox.

 Troubleshooting Bluetooth Issues:

  1. Stay Close: Ensure you're within 10 meters of the analyzer.
  2. Check Compatibility: Verify your device's compatibility. Try a different device if necessary.
  3. Restart Analyzer: Navigate to Settings > My Analyzer > Restart my analyzer in the app.
  4. Dealer Assistance: If issues persist, contact your dealer for support.

Addressing Sigfox Network Issues:

  • Subscription Check: Confirm your plan includes Sigfox measurements.
  • Coverage Verification: Check Sigfox coverage in your area. Use an Extender for Wi-Fi if out of coverage.
  • Analyzer Placement: Move the analyzer to enhance signal reception, avoiding obstructions.
  • Standby and Reactivation: If no measurements are received, place the analyzer on standby and then reactivate it.

Battery Considerations:

Battery Life: Sigfox connectivity may be disrupted as the battery depletes. Replace the battery if it's over a year old, even if no battery indicator has appeared in the app.

If you need more information about this topic, don't hesitate to contact our support team.