To protect your Blue Connect you put the analyzer in standby and store it when it's time to winterize your pool.

It's generally advised to winterize its pool when temperature hits 12°.

Did you know that you will enjoy your Blue Connect measurements and recommendations for a longer period if you apply some easy steps to keep it healthy?

Standby mode:

1. Remove the analyzer from the water. Remove the usage cap.

2. Rinse the storage cap with clean water and wipe it clean.


3. Activate the Internet (Wi-Fi or 4G) and Bluetooth on your smartphone. NB: Remain in proximity to analyzer throughout the standby process.


4. In the app, in “Settings” » “My analyzer”, "Standby mode”.


5. Place pH4 solution, pool water or as a last resort, running water with a good amount of cooking salt in the storage cap and screw it the analyzer.


6. Validate the standby mode and store the analyzer in a frost free environment.


Is your device still under warranty? Please get in touch with your dealer.