Calibration allows the analyzer to adapt to the wear of the probe and thus take more accurate measurements. Calibration is simply done by taking a measurement of a reference product whose value is well known. Example: a pH 7 solution.

Note: Calibration is not needed when receiving the device. From the following season, calibration at the beginning of each season is recommended.


Use the Calibration Kit specially designed for the analyzer (Calibration Kit contains 2 sachets of 20 ml of pH4, 2 sachets of 20ml of pH7 and 2 sachets of 20ml of ORP 468mV) or standard calibration solutions available in your pool store (pH4, pH7, ORP 460mV, ORP 468mV, ORP 470mV, ORP 650mV, ORP 700mV, ORP 720mV. This product list may change). Blueriiot calibration products are for single use only. Never use them twice.

1. Take out the device from the water, pull out the usage cap and rinse the probe in clear water.


2. Rinse the storage cap with clear water and wipe it.


3. Activate the Internet (Wi-Fi or 4G) and Bluetooth on your smartphone.
NB: Stay close to your device throughout the whole calibration process.


4. In the app, in "Settings“ » "My analyzer" » "Probe settings", press "Calibrate my analyzer". If you can choose among several products, select the calibration solution you will use.


5. Place the calibration solution in the storage cap and screw it to the device. Then, press "Next". At the top of the screen, you will see the progression of the measurement. Once the measurement is complete, unscrew the storage cap and rinse the probe. Empty, rinse and wipe the cap. Always clean the probe and storage cap with clear water after using a calibration product to avoid mixtures.



6. Validate calibration.


7. Place the usage cap and place back the analyzer in the swimming-pool.



If your device still is under warranty, please contact your local store/dealer.