The Blueriiot analysers are connected devices that analyses and provides you with guidelines for the easy maintenance of your pool or spa.

The results of the analysis are communicated to you in the BLUERIIOT APP where you will, if the device detects some parameter that is not correct, receive instructions to follow to regulate and stabilize this parameter in order to maintain a healthy and balanced water in your pool or spa.

Blueriiot Analysers:

  • Analyses your pool and spa water

  • Sends the results to you in the Blueriiot App (available for smartphones and tablet and is compatible with Android and iOS)

  • If the device detects that one of the parameters is incorrect, the app provides you with the instructions to follow to improve the water quality

  • Depending on which device and subsctiption you have the measurements can be done manually via Bluetooth or automatically via Sigfox)

Available Blueriiot analysers:

Remember to contact your dealer if your device still is under warranty