If your analyzer does not work correctly and you need to send it to be repaired, it is important to consider the following things for the shipment:

  1. Remove the analyzer from the water. Remove the usage cap.


2. Rinse the storage cap with clean water and wipe it clean.

3. Place KCI (saturated potassium chloride), pH4 solution or as a last resort, running water with a good amount of cooking salt in the storage cap and screw it the analyzer.

The KCl present in the storage cap can cause the formation of agglomerated salt at the junction with the body of the device, but this is not dangerous in any case. Simply rinse with clear water.

4. Pack the analyzer in such a way that it is protected from shocks during transport, preferably in its original packaging.

5. It is not necessary to put the analyzer in standby mode.

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Is your device still under warranty? Please get in touch with your dealer.