How Subscriptions Work for Multiple Devices:

  • Individual Subscription Costs: Each Blue Connect device you wish to add to your account requires a separate subscription fee. The total cost adjusts accordingly as you add more devices.
  • Flexible Plans: Whether you’re adding two, three, four, or five devices, Blueriiot offers a tiered subscription model to fit your needs.

Subscription Options and Pricing:

  • Single Device Plan: If you're starting with one device, you'll choose the standard Blueriiot Premium subscription.
  • Multiple Devices Plan: When adding additional devices, select the appropriate plan that corresponds with the number of devices you wish to manage (e.g., Blueriiot Premium x2 for two devices, x3 for three devices, etc.).
  • Pricing Adjustments: As you add more devices, the subscription fee increases to reflect the total number of devices under management. For instance, the Blueriiot Premium x5 plan covers five devices at a specified cost.

Subscription Benefits for Multiple Devices:

  • Unified Access: Control and monitor all your linked Blue Connect devices through one user-friendly dashboard within the Blueriiot app.
  • Consolidated Data: View and analyze data from all your devices in one place, allowing for comprehensive pool management.

Managing Your Subscription:

  • Adding or Removing Devices: You can adjust the number of devices linked to your subscription at any time through the app, with the total cost recalculated based on the changes.
  • Subscription Trials: New subscribers can enjoy a free trial period, which applies once you add a new device to your plan.