Understanding the Link Between Subscription and Email:

  • Email Association: Your Blueriiot Premium subscription is linked to your email address used at registration. This link is crucial for subscription management and accessing your account.

Steps to Change Your Email:

  1. Contact Support: Initiate the email change by contacting Blueriiot support in the chatbot by selecting the "Blueriiot app" option and then "Change e-mail address". The bot will ask you for some details in order to proceed.
  2. Bot Assistance: Our support bot will guide you through the necessary steps and collect the required information.

Implications of Email Changes:

  • Automatic Subscription Update: Technically, the email change involves a backend adjustment by our support team to ensure your subscription is linked to your new email. This adjustment is handled promptly to ensure continuity.
  • Continued Access: Properly updating your email ensures you continue to receive subscription benefits and access to your historical data without any interruption.

What You Need to Do:

  • Provide Necessary Information: Ensure you have your device’s serial number, your current email, and the new email ready when contacting support.
  • Confirmation: After the update, you’ll receive a confirmation via the chat. You should use this new email for all future logins to your account.