Conductivity is a measure of your pool water's ability to conduct electric current. It reflects the level of dissolved salts, minerals, and chemicals in the water, serving as a critical indicator of water quality.

Why Monitor Conductivity?

Monitoring conductivity is important for several reasons:

  1. Salinity Control: Correct salinity levels are crucial for efficiently operating salt chlorine generators in saltwater pools. These devices rely on appropriate salt (sodium chloride) concentrations to produce chlorine, which sanitizes the pool.

  2. TDS Levels: Conductivity measurements provide insights into the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) present in the water. High TDS levels can affect water clarity, alter taste, and diminish the efficacy of pool chemicals.

  3. Balance and Comfort: Proper conductivity ensures that the pool water is balanced, enhancing swimmer comfort and protecting pool equipment from scaling and corrosion.

How to Measure Conductivity?

Conductivity is measured in microsiemens per meter (µS/m3). The Blue Connect utilizes a sensor that relays current conductivity readings directly to your smartphone, offering real-time data and facilitating timely adjustments.

Interpreting Conductivity with Blueriiot

The Blueriiot app provides an intuitive visual graph to help interpret your pool’s conductivity levels:

  • Blue Zone: Indicates optimal conditions.
  • Yellow or Red Zones: Suggest that adjustments are needed to return to optimal levels.