Always, but especially on World Water Day, it is essential to be aware of the importance of controlling water consumption. Here are five practical ways to save water and make your pool a more sustainable place:

  1. Avoid evaporation:

    Did you know that using a cover reduces evaporation by up to 66% during the swimming season and up to 95% the rest of the year? They will also help you maintain the desired temperature and protect you from dirt, so get your cover before summer arrives!

  2. Clean water efficiently

    Investing in advanced filtration systems improves water quality, reduces the need for frequent changes, and helps save water. We advise opting for more energy-efficient systems, such as variable-speed pumps and high-efficiency filters.

  3. Healthy water lasts much longer:

    Healthy, clean water means you can enjoy it for much longer, saving water. That's why choosing quality, environmentally friendly chemicals is key to keeping your pool perfect. Take a look at our products and start saving!

  4. A robot helps you save water, time and money

    Automated cleaning robots are a great way to keep your pool clean without wasting water in the process. These intelligent devices take care of vacuuming dirt and debris from the bottom and walls of the pool, which helps you to keep your pool clean without wasting water in the process.
  5. And remember, without water... we are nothing!

    It is essential to educate others about the importance of conserving water and adopting sustainable pool maintenance practices. Sharing information on water-saving techniques and promoting environmental awareness can inspire positive change towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly world.

    We hope you continue to enjoy your pool!