Bluetooth technology in your Blueriiot devices allows for quick and effortless monitoring of your pool conditions. To take an instant measurement, simply follow these steps:
  1. Press the 'B' Button: Start by pressing the 'B' button shown on the home screen of your Blueriiot Pool & Spa Assistant app. This initiates the process of connecting with your analyzer.
  2. Activate Bluetooth: Ensure your device’s Bluetooth is turned on. Once activated, select the Bluetooth option in the app to pair with your analyzer.
  3. Stay Within Range: Make sure you are within a 10-meter range of the analyzer to maintain a strong Bluetooth connection for accurate and instant readings.
  4. Wait for Data Sync: After a successful connection, your app will sync data with the analyzer and display the latest measurements.
  5. Review Results: Check the updated readings on your app for immediate insights into your pool's pH, chlorine levels, temperature, and more.
By following these simple steps, you can quickly assess the water quality of your pool without delay.
Note: If you experience any connectivity issues, ensure that there are no obstructions between your device and the analyzer and that both have sufficient battery power.
Remember to contact your dealer if your device is still under warranty.