When managing your pool's chemistry, precise adjustments are crucial for maintaining balance. The Blueriiot app provides tailored advice based on your pool's specific needs, which might sometimes involve repeated recommendations. Here's why:


  • Product Instructions Match: Ensure the product usage instructions you follow match those referenced in the app's guidance panel, such as "Product reference: 1500 gr. / 100 m³ of water to change the pH by 0.2."

  • pH Adjustments: The app calculates pH+ and pH- amounts needed based on your pool's volume and the current pH gap. To prevent overshooting the ideal pH level, adjustments are recommended in small steps of 0.2 units. Consequently, for significant pH discrepancies, you might see the same advice repeated to gradually achieve the target pH level.

  • Chlorine Levels: Similarly, chlorine dosage recommendations are based on your pool's volume. If the initial chlorine addition doesn't achieve the desired effect, the app may advise adding the same amount again to reach the optimal concentration.

This methodical approach ensures that chemical adjustments are both safe and effective, avoiding drastic changes that could disrupt your pool's balance.


If you still have doubts about this topic, don't hesitate to contact us.