It is important to maintain the care of your pool so that you can enjoy it all year round, whilst ensuring that your Blue Connect and all its equipment are safe during the winter.

  1. The first step is to make sure that the water temperature is between 5Cº and 50Cº to ensure that your Blue Connect is working properly. In this way, thanks to its recommendations, we will be able to keep the water in good condition:

    1. Controlling the pH level, increasing or reducing it when necessary.

    2. Adjusting the disinfection level shown in the app.

    3. Adding anti-algae if necessary.

  2. Remember to always follow the manufacturer's instructions for any chemicals you add to the pool (regulators, chlorine, and anti-algae, etc). If in doubt, consult the supplier or your maintenance professional.

  3. Maintain the optimum bathing temperature, especially in the colder months. This can be easily achieved by installing a heat pump - your best ally during the winter!

  4. Finally, to protect your pool water from algae, bacteria, and dirt, and save on the cost of water and temperature treatment, it is extremely important to cover the pool with a cover suitable for your pool:

    1. Cover for in-ground pools

    2. Cover for above-ground pools

Also, by adding a cover roller, covering and uncovering your pool will be much easier.

By following these steps, your pool water will be perfect to enjoy all year round!